Fire Standards | Rosengrens


Fire Standards

Rosengrens fireproof safes are certified in accordance with the following two standards:

EN 1047-1 and NT Fire 017

Certificates awarded to safes for fire-resistance differ in two main ways: 

1) Contents
• Digital Media (CDs, DVDs, back-up tapes, etc.) 
Require protection from temperatures higher than 55˚C 
• Documents 
Require protection from temperatures higher than 177˚C

2) Length of Protection
Typically one hour or two hours, but may also be 30 or 90 minutes in some cases.

Documents, P or Paper 

  Digital Media, DIS or Diskette
1 Hour   2 Hours    1 Hour    2 Hours 

S 60 P (EN 1047-1)
60 Paper
(NT Fire 017)


S 120 P (EN 1047-1)
120 Paper
(NT Fire 017)


S 60 DIS (EN 1047-1)
60 Diskette
(NT Fire 017)


S 120 DIS (EN 1047-1)
120 Diskette
(NT Fire 017)


Vertical III


Vertical Binder
Vertical III